Welcome. Deciding whether to enter into therapy and choosing a therapist that fits you are very significant decisions. I hope this website can help with that process.

Portland Area Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with experience providing individual and couples psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and seniors. I am committed to therapy that is:

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Focused on Meaning and Vitality: Therapy provides a rare space for taking an honest look at one’s life and clarifying the values you want to have guide your life’s direction.

Individualized and Collaborative: You are the expert on your own life: your unique struggles, gifts, and dreams. With that in mind, I believe in working as partners on deciding the techniques, the pace, and the goals of therapy that best fit you. 

Compassionate and Respectful: It takes tremendous courage to seek treatment, and to honestly share and discuss your life’s challenges with someone you do not know. I consider taking part in therapy a privilege, and I believe respect and warmth for each client’s unique experiences to be a core part of our work.

Scientifically Based: I stay abreast of recent developments in therapy in order to most effectively serve my clients.

Awareness Creates Options: My Philosophy

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To be human, means that at times we each will struggle and suffer. Often this very pain is a messenger, telling us life needs re-examining. I provide both empirically supported and in-depth, growth-oriented psychotherapy with a goal of alleviating suffering and nurturing self understanding. Increased awareness creates new options: options to let go of old, ineffective behavior patterns, to connect with others more consciously and open-heartedly, and to live life with meaning and vitality.